What is TruPolitics™?

TruPoliticsis a political social media web app that allows users to collect, save and share multimedia content from the web so they can learn about and debate political issues. The express purpose of TruPolitics is to provide users with information to discuss their political views. We not only want you to speak up about your opinion, but to have the support to prove it.

App Features:

Finding content: Using the Search Button our users can find continuously updated content. The source data is updated every ten seconds so there is always something new to look at. When you find something you are interested in you can use TruPolitics™ Patent Pending “Lean Meter”™ to rate the contents political bias and whether you agree or disagree with the information. Additionally, TruPolitics™ lets you rate content for usefulness, which this helps other users determine whether an article has value, or is simply “click bait”.

What is the “Lean Meter™”: The Lean Meter™ is a user driven rating system that allows users to rate Politicians, groups and content for how it leans politically. Everything on TruPolitics™ can be rated. The Lean Meter™ is a dynamic system that adjusts over time so users who agree with something that is counter to their own lean will notice a slight adjustment to their own lean to reflect how they stand.

What are Collections: TruPolitics™ “collection system”™ is a congregation of content usually with the same topic that is gathered by the user and saved for later access. Collections can be used to create TruViews™ or to back up a position. With one click you can now have access to information to back up your position on a topic. Example: If you want to raise the minimum wage to $15 then in your “$15 min wage Collection” you will have a series of digital media content in favor of $15 min. wage. Users can quickly access Collections so that they can use them in discussions with other users or share them with their friends. Users can also generate their own TruViews™ or content from within TruPolitics™ to advocate or expand upon data within their collection.

What are TruViews™: TruViews™ are user created position statements for the purpose of detailing your stance on a specific issue. By utilizing content from your “collections” you can quickly create robust, documented position statements that inform others on issues you care about with facts to back them up.

Follow politicians: Using your zip code or location services on your smart device users can find their local, state, and federal politicians. You can follow them track any online mentions of them from news stories or social media networks as well as find and how they vote on issues. TruPolitics™ patent pending Lean Meter™ also enables you to rate politicians for how they lean politically.

Tru Politics is a social media network that puts you in charge of political content, without anyone censoring what you see.

Create “smart collections” that scan the Internet for relevant content and save it for you.

Truview enables you to easily share opinions based on issues, and then use the content from your collections to back up your position.

You can even use the patent pending “lean meter” to rate the media and politicians for bias.

In addition to curated content, you can also follow politicians to quickly see what they are up to.

Tru Politics makes it easy to be an advocate for whatever change you are passionate about.

We don’t have an agenda, just a platform for yours.